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Camel Toe!

Well had surgery! Can't do much. Can't eat, more like slurp. Can't go out. Just watch movies all day long.
So i was watching Grease (great movie!). And i noticed a ton of camel toes and camel humps!
This got me thinking. Just how many types of camel toes are there??

What is a camel toe ?
camel toe is the tight V shape made by her panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.
Notice the way it shows off her crotch? Well, that's a CAMEL TOE or cameltoe.
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What cause's a camel toe ?
Officially that issue is still open to debate. Some say
camel toe is caused from wearing very tight clothing, or excessive
Intercourse. :-), etc. But really the issue is the labia's them selves
being to long or asymmetrically shaped, and of course tight
clothing is only going too enhance the cameltoes appearance.

Is showing your camel toe a Bad thing?
Of course not. Just as many women have one Breast that is
slightly larger than the other one.
(NOT that were knocking women or anything.)
Personally at camel toe we feel if a woman has a cameltoe.
She should show it off. Because NOW having a camel toe is
a trendy thing. Just as pet rocks and mood rings use to be.


As we know, there are male camel-toes and female camel-toes. Although there is greater attention placed on the female camel-toe, it is the male camel-toe that actually emerged first.

The male toe (pantalones tightus camelius) did not come into existence until sometime between the 12th and 13th century AD as pants were not a common feature among the male gender prior to this.

And as pants became commonly accepted in European countries, the skirt, sarong, and thong went by the wayside. These latter articles of clothes were thought to be more for the "natives" or the "peasants". Pants on the other hand, were the clothing of choice for aristocrats. In fact, from about 1273 to 1348, the tighter the pants the better. This fashion statement came in and out over the next 750 years taking its form in many varieties (short shorts, Sumo, the Village People, tennis shorts and the unfortunately ubiquitous coaches shorts). During this period of "tightness" the male toe emerged as one of the most talked about phenomena since the Ubangi Tribe started piercing their lips.

Initially, the male toe was simply referred to as the "Bulging Wrinkle" and then later as the "Shar-pei" after the wrinkly little dog from China. Several Shar-pei had been imported to the European continent and so the name spread far and wide. It quickly overtook the "Bulging Wrinkle" as the term of the 13th and 14th Century.

But it was not too long after that "camel-toe" came into the mainstream as the term of choice. As the story goes, a trader from the Sahara had managed his way across the Mediterranean, up through Spain and into France and England. Along his travels he noticed this strange custom of "pants wearing" by the melanin-deprived northerners. He kept thinking to himself that the Shar-pei or Bulging wrinkle looked more like the hoof of his pet Camel - Metmah.

As he traveled, he would always say to people "Hey, that looks like the toe of my pet camel Metmah." While not having pictures, he actually did carry the hoof of Metmah's father around with him -- a sort of keepsake if you will. The trader would show people his camel-toe -- albeit a real camel-toe -- and people would look with amazement and astonishment at the amazing similarity. The trader was invited to speak at dinners hosted by some of Europe's most prominent Charpe fashion houses. Soon, one of the fashion houses changed its name to Camel-toe and the others followed suit rather promptly.

As the name changed across Europe and other places, there also seemed to be a rage about how big one could make their camel-toe. People tried all kinds of different ways from "The Jack" which was essentially a frontal wedgie, to smacking your nuts with a brick or other large hard object (sometimes a good firm fist right before going out on the town did the trick) to cause the genitalia to swell before placing them gingerly inside the pants.

Then quite recently, fashion houses came out with modern day underwear -- or tighty whities -- to help accentuate the toe and hold the boys in place for a cleaner, more camel-toe like effect.

However, people soon looked down on the male toe - sometimes turning away from friends and family members who continued the tradition of the male toe.

And so today it is the female toe that people think of when the term camel-toe is brought up. But that was not always the case.

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